Flippa – A Look Forward: OAN.com, StayFit.com, 0K.com, FX.io, 078.org

Aug 31 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

TopMortgage.com – The plural sold for $1,125 in March of this year, and the singular is well below that price right now.

FX.io – I have no idea what an LL.io is worth, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this auction ends. Putting aside the extension for a moment, FX = big money.

078.org – If memory serves me correctly, this has been listed a bunch of times, but I’m happy to see them put it up at no reserve this time. Under $400 at press time.

50 Domain Portfolio – Including BrandTreasure.com, GreatBrowser.com and 48 more.

A few LLLL.com domains, listed in my opinion of their value, from highest to lowest:

stay fitReserve Not Met

OAN.com – Three nice letters. Bidding already over $20k at press time.

StayFit.com – I can see this in a commercial in the future. Short call to action.

0K.com – NL.com. Doesn’t get much shorter than this. The 0 vs o confuses me, but these domains are in high demand regardless.

Droned.com – I don’t think drone has reached verb status yet, but pricing is still in the 4-figures.

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