Flippa – A Look Forward: OrlandoTravel.com at No Reserve, Coffeehouse.com, HouseCleaners.com, Important.org

Aug 24 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sell

OrlandoTravel.comorlando travelKudos to the seller for having the cajones to list the domain at no reserve…..over the years this name has been listed in newsletters at prices ranging from $18,000 – $35,000. 3,000 searches per month with a $2 CPC, per Estibot.

Brushful.com – Not a million dollar name, or even a 4-figure name, but the seller just regged it 10 days ago and will sell it with at least a $xx profit, which is nothing for some people, but puts food on the table for others.

WaterlooIowa.com – $xx bidding level for this 14 year old GEO domain.

EverettWashington.com – This 15 year old GEO has cracked the $xxx threshold.

ScubaTank.com – 15 year old product domain. Reserve met, BIN of $9,995.

ArubaIsland.com – More commonly referred to as simply ‘Aruba’, but still has some search volume behind it.

Salad.info – Ending in 3 days, recipes get tons of search volume: potato, pasta, chicken salad, fruit, kale, spinach, macaroni salad………

Portfolio of 50 .info domains – Bidding barely over $100 for names such as Curlers, Antiseptics, IceTrays, OxygenMasks, and more.

Reserve Not Met

Coffeehouse.com – Second listing at Flippa, and bidding has already exceeded the first time around. Great name.

Important.org – Seller says the current $5k bidding is “close to the reserve”.

HouseCleaners.com – Lead-gen name with $8 CPC. Includes 50 Geo+HouseCleaners.com, but that’s not where the value is.

AutomotiveMechanic.com – 1,300 searches per month at $8+ CPC, per SEM Rush

Deli.org – For the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association? That’s a real organization at http://www.iddba.org/

PZH.ORG, JZG.ORG, KXV.ORG, LQM.ORG – The letter combinations aren’t sexy, but these are liquid.

Bart.net – The .com was a screaming deal recently at Flippa for a BIN price of $5k. Will be interesting to see how the .net does.

Gem.org – Nice name that has been around the block with a few listings, but hasn’t sold. Oddly has an auction listing at GoDaddy ending in a couple days as well. Bidding at $830 at GD, but $1,050 at Flippa.

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