Flippa – A Look Forward: PAM.com, Music.io Hit Reserve. MMR.com, PTPT.com, More

Jan 04 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

PAM.com – An LLL.com, a popular name, an acronym, a well known cooking spray, and much much more.

Music.io – Monster keyword, but on the .io extension. Bidding is surprising me in the upper 4-figures.

Cameras.io – Another nice keyword, but this pricing in the $xxx.

Trump.info – I wouldn’t want to battle with Donald’s lawyers if the buyer chooses to park the name or put up Donald-related content.

Some LLLL.com Domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

  1. NJMH.com
  2. TJLZ.com
  3. XQRP.com
  4. CUUZ.com
  5. QEOQ.com
  6. TVIZ.com
  7. PYAH.com
  8. KZJA.com

Reserve Not Met

MMR.com – Only at $21,000 as I type this; lots of room to run.

XRV.com – This one is at $15k, and with the V has less room to run than MMR.com above.

3JO.com – NLL domains moved up nicely in 2015.

Election.net – The .net domains have been struggling.

PillDispensers.com – A 16 year old product domain with a BIN of $520.

LiveSupport.com – Second time around at Flippa (at least); if this was the service business I was in, I would seriously consider picking up the domain.

PTPT.com – As a comp, HXHX.com recently sold for $10,350 at GoDaddy.

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