Flippa – A Look Forward: PaperCup.com, NZN.com, Rusted.com, Beer.io, More

Sep 12 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

PaperCup.com – Nice short memorable two word domain. PaperCupDesign.com is a design firm, and I expect the ultimate use of PaperCup.com isn’t to sell cups.

SAT.info – Over 4 million searches per month, and previously sold for $2,000, yet bidding is at $30.

MrLoans.com – A quick Google search shows that there are a few businesses named this.

Beer.io – The love for .io domains appears to extend beyond tech, to beer.

HillaryClinton.net – Adding to the recent political domains that have sold on Flippa.

5L.com Portfolio – These CHIP 5L.com’s were all the rage last year, but based on the bidding, it appears that interest has faded. 108 domains such as BLBTL.com and FFRBK.com.

A few LLLL.com domains, in order of my opinion of their value:

Reserve Not Met

NZN.com – While the LLL.com prices have dropped from their peak, the Chinese buyers will still like the double N and a Z.

BEOP.com – Pronounceable 4L’s are always worth a look.

BabyBottles.com – Product domains are hurting, but this one still has some nice bids.

SeoFAQ.com – SEO domains sell well.

Rusted.com – I haven’t historically loved “-ed” domains, but I’ve seen more of them developed lately, like Unleashed.com and Rested.com.

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