Flippa – A Look Forward: ScubaTank.com, Deterred.com, PrivateSchools.org, DroppedNames.com All Meet Reserve

Aug 31 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sell

ScubaTank.com – Nice scuba tankproduct domain with good search volume – 2,400 searches per month per SEMRush. Frank Schilling owns the plural, so when an end user comes knocking, his high asking price on the plural may increase the value of the singular.

PrivateSchools.org – The .org extension can work quite well with this name. Private schools increasing in popularity. $3+ CPC

DroppedNames.com – This one will resonate with domainers. Three different bidders have been going back and forth since the $1,000 price level.

Addictively.com – 8 year old dictionary word .com for a $xxx price

Deterred.com – and another, but this one is 10 years old

OrlandoTravel.com – Lots of people head here…..Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, and much more, including business travel. Has previously been listed on domain sales newsletters for $18-$35k.

SiteKing.com – Since you can’t be the domain king.

WebsitesBuilding.com – Includes seven other website-related domains, such as CreatingWebsites.org and Websites-Building.com

Reserve Not Met

BestAds.com – 18 year old domain getting pretty high up there in price…..I don’t know the reserve.

HouseCleaners.com – Future lead gen or directory site?

Baguette.com – Second time around on Flippa. Picked up at Sedo for $8,970 at Sedo earlier this year.

Ga.gs – If you’re into hacks. .GS = South Georgia.

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