Flippa – A Look Forward: SEMForum.com, Remove.org Hit Reserve. GPA.com, GNP.com, LLL.net Portfolio, More

Jul 14 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

SEMForum.com – Check out the listing for a comprehensive review of comparable sales of both SEM and Forum names. Bidding under $1k. Being sold by Mike Cyger of Domain Sherpa.

DUD.org – Nice to see a couple Domain Holdings names being put up with no reserve.

Remove.org – Another Domain Holdings name. Remove.me sold for $1,700 and Remove.co.uk sold for $1,499 in 2011. This Remove.org sold for $3,101 way back in 206. Current bidding is well below all those levels.

PIMT.com – A moderately pronounceable LLLL.com. (is there such a thing as “moderately pronounceable”?)

Reserve Not Met

A few really nice LLL.com domains are being listed by Domain Holdings. I’d love to own any of the them:

TOD.org – Another LLL, but this time a dot org. TOD in the real estate world most often means transit oriented development.

LLL.net and .org Portfolio – It’s not often you see a portfolio of this size listed — 88 LLL.net, 14 LLL.org. Names include ALL.net, BMM.net, CGG.net, NID.net, and many more.

Arks.com – I think Noah only built one, but my history is a little rusty.

Coil.com – Nice one word domain. Looks like most of Perception.com’s domains are being listed on Flippa through Domain Holdings.

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