Flippa – A Look Forward: SFI.com, XZV.com, LosAngeles.org, Jamaica.org, More

May 25 2015

cyber squatterReserve Met and Will Sell

CyberSquatter.com – It’s a well known term in this industry, but I’m not sure how you’d monetize it.

DGL.net – Good letters, and LLL.net seem to have had a recent uptick in value, following the LLL.com trend…but not as pronounced of a shift as the .com.

EBM.net – Same as above.

Tunez.com – The “z” isn’t my think, but the price is still over $2k. Correction —- I thought it was a trendy (and confusing) way to spell Tunes, but it appears Tunez is also the Spanish spelling for the Tunisia, the African country.

ComedyHouse.com – They’re in every city.

LK5.com – Bidding is at $5k, but LLN.com aren’t worth that wholesale —- I might be missing something here.

E.et – I have no idea what single letter .et domains are worth. Et = Ethiopia.

Reserve Not Met

LosAngeles.org – A couple geo.org on the list, and will be interesting to see how they fare. I had a good experience with a city geo.org earlier this year.

Jamaica.org – Both of these geos are in the low 4-figures right now.

Sucker.com – This one has been listed a couple times without hitting reserve.

XZV.com – BIN of $25k. NameBio shows this one having sold for $3,100 at NameJet in 2012……needless to say, LLL.com have gone up significantly since then.

SFI.com – Bidding at $25k without hitting reserve.

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  1. George

    Yeah I was also wondering what the deal is with LK5.com. Then again two 4L .com domains sold on Godaddy auctions today for over $800 and both started with the letter “x”. I am learning that “x” is a hot letter apparently 🙂

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