Flippa – A Look Forward: Siamese.com, Pimples.net, FB.pw meet reserve. Cuz.com, Responsive.com, Down.com, more.

Oct 26 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sellpimples

Siamese.com – 10 year old dictionary .com. Doesn’t just refer to the cat…..also can refer to the Thai people or the Thai language

Art.investments – The new G’s are getting into the action……bidding at $165 as I type this. I’ve lost track…..I didn’t even know there was an ‘investments’ GTLD…..

Pimples.net – Search volume around 12,000 per month, and a healthy CPC of $4. Equivalent search volume for phrases like ‘how to get rid of pimples’ and ‘how to get rid of pimples fast’.

Multiplaying.com – Gaming? Price in the low $xxx

Statistics.info – Big search volume of 60,000 per month, but still surprised to see how high this .info is getting.

FB.pw – Letters are great, extension is not so great. However, reserve has been met in the mid 4-figures and will sell.

Reserve Not Met

Gossiping.com – I don’t like “ing” domains, but celebrity gossip sites get so much traffic, you might be able to make it worth. $1,500 bid required to hit reserve.

RE.net – At $5k. Great letters, but an extension that is taking a beating.

Leah.com – Second time around at Flippa, I believe. I like first names.

Down.com – At $30k without hitting reserve.

People.ca and Telephone.ca – The .ca domains aren’t getting much love.

YZI.com – The third time around, I believe.

Cuz.com – Pronouncable LLL.com, but with some issues passing the radio test. Over $20k currently.

Responsive.com – responsive themes are big these days. (Yes, we need to work on that here at DomainShane.com)

Bodyguards.com – The listing includes my favorite delusional statement of the week, “Bodyguards.com is a domain that even with a simple business plan can generate about 350,000 dollars a month in revenue.” Uh huh, over $4 million in annual revenue. Sure, it’s simple to write a business plan and hard-code $350k/month in revenue into the plan……it’s a bit tougher to execute.

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