Domain Spotlight:

Reserve Met and Will Sell

  • – Great to see this one hit reserve so early in its listing. With 18 days left, it will be fun to see how far it can run. Sponsored tweets, sponsored Facebook and LinkedIn updates, sponsored athletes (there is still time to sponsor Elliot and support the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute).
  • – At $1,150 and closing in a little over a week. An “ly” domain, but ending in .com vs .ly.
  • Portfolio of 440 names – Bidding at $1,300 for domains such as,,, a bunch of and Some assets, but also quite a few liabilities to weed out and drop.
  • – 40 million google results, currently at $195

Reserve Not Met

  • – Memorable name, but at the $5k bidding, we’re getting close to my personal maximum for this speculative and brandable domain.
Domain Spotlight: