Reserve Met and Will Sell – The commercial name doesn’t necessarily fit the extension, but tablets are such a huge category right now that it will be fun to see how far this one runs…….the owner had the confidence to list the domain with no reserve. The .com is owned by Aron Meystedt of XF Investments and Heritage Auctions, and he’s certainly not letting go cheaply.

Gagaming – Nice domain for the ever-popular gaming industry. Under $1k at press time. – Lots of search volume (90k/month per SEMRush), though I’m not sure if people are looking for info about their inboxes. – Another one where I’m not sure how I’d use it….but bidding is approaching 4-figures. – The listing says it includes “3,000+ free adult pics, dating website, viral marketing scripts, professional logo, and more”. – The .io extension just keeps humming along.

Reserve Not Met – Hasn’t met the minimum pricing yet, and this one has a pretty good letter combination, so the price will move much higher. – This one is above the minimum pricing, as it should be, but hasn’t hit reserve yet. BIN of $40k. – Despite the “-ing”, I really like this positive sounding domain. Emerging trends, technology, businesses, economies, etc, etc. – Second time around on Flippa, I believe, for a keyword for a massive industry. – Can’t believe this hasn’t met reserve at this price. – Same comment as above. “Deal” sites aren’t what they used to be….. – 16 year old domain with lots of applications. Given that it’s a past tense verb, I hope that reserve is close to the current bidding.

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