Flippa – A Look Forward: Tasks.com, UZO.com, OnlineStorage.com, CellPhone.ca, M.et

Sep 14 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sell

333 domain portfolio – Sold previously, but the buyer flaked out. Bidding at mid-$x,xxx with over a week to go. Names include CashApplications.com, TrackDeliveries.com, ConsumerGuidelines.com, FastestCredit.com.

Sailing.info sailing– The .net sold for $10k in 2011, and the .info is still in the 3-figures….though perhaps not for too long.

Purchase-BTC.comBTC.com sells for a million and then people go out and hand-reg related names. Despite being less than a month old, this one will sell for $xxx.

AtlanticCity.info – Geo .info for a few hundred bucks.

M.et – a hack that will probably hit 4-figures. .ET = Ethiopia.

Reserve Not Met

Tasks.com – Great domain and the bidding shows it.

OnlineStorage.com – 10,000 searches per month at nearly $30 CPC = monster name. Even the .org sold for $2,000 back in 2011.

CellPhone.ca – Big keyword, but I’m not Canadian, so the extension isn’t for me.

ToddlerGames.net – The poor .net domains…..$19 minimum bid, with no reserve, and it can’t get a bid. 33,000 searches per month per SEM Rush. A couple years ago this would have been an $x,xxx domain.

Bart.net – Bart.com was the steal of the year at $5k, while the .net has a minimum bid of $500 and no reserve thereafter.

619.org – I’ve picked up a couple NNN.org recently, so I’m curious what they’re worth (maybe I should figure that out before I buy them?). 619.org isn’t getting alot of love, but it has been around the block on Flippa a time a two without meeting reserve.

DomainInvesting.tv – Morgan Linton is selling one of his past projects.

GiftCards.org – Big business, but don’t don’t what the reserve is. Was up to $5,000 in a prior listing.

UZO.com – An LLL.com sale by the folks at Brand Bucket. At $4k and going up.

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