Flippa Recap: UMAD.com, Hows.com, Remortgage.net, Links.xyz, Thriller.com

Jun 30 2014

Listed below are some notable domain and website sales over the past week at Flippa.

Some domains that sold

BulkPriced.com and 200 other domains – $19,998 – Bidding was at $17,000, then someone picked it up at the BIN. You can see the domains in the listing – here.

Remortgage.net – $3,600 – Nice to see this one sell after a couple different listings. Buyers sometimes get listing fatigue when they see the same name not hitting reserve time and again. Congrats to the seller.

UMAD.com – $3,000 – Picked up at the BIN within 15 minutes of the listing. A site is live. “I hosted a viral video script on the website which performed well and just left it.” Alexa rank near 1.3 million.

Hows.com – $1,700

WPThemes.in – $1,100

Links.xyz – $1,000 – The listing says there were no bids during the auction, but the $1k price was negotiated afterwards.

AppNames.club & 6 other AppGame / GameApp new GTLD domains – $1,000

BookFlights.net – $595

QuestionEverything.com – $506

SearchDeal.com – $502

PHPHow.com – $500

Motherboards.info – $480

SprayTanned.com – $300

K3X.com – $255

OutBideo.com – $230

If you missed yesterday’s post about upcoming Flippa auctions, many of which have already hit reserve, you can check it out here.

Some websites that sold

MP3Monkey.net – $75,000 – Monthly net profit of $9,500 stated, on uniques of 4.8 million.

  • Red flag #1: “Currently the site its in a google penalty. I don’t know exactly whats the cause, I suspect its because of google seeing it as a aggregator, no other content other than the songs. In its normal state ( not with the penalty ) the site gets around 460k visitors/day . Currently in the penalty its getting 100k visitors/day.
  • Red flag #2: “The website has a song blocking script that can remove songs from the search. DMCA complaints are received every now and then” “( when the website was in top positions it was receiving many DMCA complains )”

mp3 monkey
Thank-You-Notes.com – $32,000 – Monthly net profit of $900 stated, on uniques of 164,000. Huge multiple. Double hyphenated. “The income has all come from AdSense or Google’s Ad Exchange (it was all Adsense until Feb 2014 when we switched over).”

IMMITranslate.com – $27,000 – Monthly net profit of $9,042 stated, on uniques of 500. “Our company provides translation services”

Some domains with bids that didn’t sell

One of Flippa’s newest features is that anyone can negotiate on an unsold name….even if you weren’t a bidder in the auction. If you see something that interests you below, go to Advanced Search, enter the domain in the ‘Keywords’ box, then click the ‘Unsold Listings’ under ‘Auction Status’, then click ‘Search Listings’.

Thriller.com – $20,200 – After the auction, seller says they’re willing to sell for $100,000.

Leah.com – $12,000

Ariana.com – $5,250

GiftCards.org – $5,000

Unless.com – $4,000

RealEstateForeclosures.com – $4,000 – Has reached a higher price in previous listings.

Wardrobes.com – $3,050

CDAY.com and 100+ other LLLL.com domains – $2,000

ProAffiliates.com – $1,550

Landscaping.net – $1,300

Sitio.com – $1,000 – Seller’s BIN is $49k…..a huuuuuuge gap to fill.

NAF.net – $555

Tortillas.net – $500

CustomHotRods.com – $450

Cleveland.info – $300

Wasnt.com – $300

GamingSpot.com – $100

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