Flippa – A Look Forward: Ten LLLL.com Hit Reserve, Apropos.com, Bill.org, More

Nov 02 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Costumed.com – This one is closing just after Halloween. I don’t love the “ed” domains, but this one may cross into the 4-figures.

A big group of LLLL.com domain listings that have met reserve, many of really high quality again this week. Listed in my opinion of their order of their current value:

  1. GGTT.com
  2. PLIF.com
  3. TGGQ.com
  4. LFFY.com
  5. RHNZ.com
  6. GCYN.com
  7. ZRBQ.com
  8. YKTN.com
  9. EEGA.com
  10. FKUD.com

Reserve Not Met

Portfolio of 60 Domains – Names include ReducedRate.com, BeerSaloon.com, GoAct.com, and more.

Portfolio of 90 Domains. Really confusing listing, as they expect buyers to go another website to check out the list of domains. Once there, it’s still not clear which domains are included, but appears to include Brib.com, eOrganic.com, and more.

aproposBill.org – The name, or the legislation-related uses.

Apropos.com – Nice sounding word, but it’s tough to spell and most people couldn’t use it in a sentence. That said, it’s used in several business names and could be an upgrade domain for them in the future.

GMA.net – A crazy 1.2 million searches per month, per Estibot, with most of that probably driven by the Good Morning America TV show.

Apprehensive.com – Sold at NameJet earlier this year for $1,300, and that’s about where the current auction is sitting as I type this.

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  1. Apropos

    Thanks for the mention!

    Apropos may be difficult to spell for some, but then so are many other billion dollar brands. A couple I can think of right away are Symantec.com and Veritas.com.

    There are hundreds of companies that use this term in their URL.

    The word Apropos translates to About in French, It is used on many websites About Us sections! Think About.com which sold to IAC for $300m! It also has several different positive meanings. Type “define apropos” into Google and you’ll see the different related words.

    Apropos also has domain authority and gets approx 500 uniques per month1

    Apropos is an underestimated domain that will be very valuable to the right buyer

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