Flippa – A Look Forward: Yabai.com, Deterred.com, WPMarket.com, 2 Portfolios Meet Reserve and Will Sell

Sep 07 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sell

BacklinkCreator.com – This would have beenyabai more valuable a couple years ago during the minisite craze, but backlinks still count in SEO, so there is value.

Yabai.com – Per the listing, “Very popular expression in Japanese means “Awesome” “Hot” “Cool” “Sick” “Wicked.”” Bidding in the 4-figures with over 40 bids, so some people know what it means.

120 name portfolio – Including AndroidApplication.com, Gym.biz, GardeningSupplies.net, Traded.info, FNR.info, and many more.

55 domain portfolio – Including NKHW.com, Establishmente.com, Interest-Free.com, Oldy.org, ImportanceOfTechnology.com, and many more.

Deterred.com – 10 year old one word .com.

WPMarket.com – WP for WordPress. 74 bidders and pricing already in the 4-figures.

NearestRestaurants.com – This one year old domain is surprisingly getting close to 4-figures.

Reserve Not Met

BestAds.com – 18 year old domain, getting up to the high $x,xxx without meeting reserve

WebsiteDesigners.com – 1996 domain. 12,000 searches per month at $13 CPC, per Estibot.

oHHo.com – Looks nice, but tough to spell if you heard it on the radio.

RealEstateForeclosures.com – This one has made the rounds on Flippa a couple times, with bidding up to $10k, but the seller has a track record of decreasing his reserves over time, so it might move this time.

Pach.com – Seller claims 150 visitors per month.

iWidgets.com – Sold for $1,550 recently, and Flippa bidding is above that level.

Babes.net – Seller claims 5,000 uniques a month.

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