Flippa Recap: Babes.net and Yabai.com for 5 figures, ClickThis.com, Flipped.net, ReggaeSongs.com

Sep 15 2014

Some nice sales again at Flippa last week. Two 5-figure sales, and over ten 4-figure sales by my count.

One notable sale was FreeInstrumentals.com. As a domain listing two weeks ago, it got a high bid of $1,000. As a website listing last week, it sold at the buy-it-now price of $4,000. All appears totally legit…..the website was mentioned in the domain listing, and it didn’t claim any income in the website listing. The domain/website just hit a different set of eyeballs by being a ‘website’ listing. The transfer appears to have been completed today. Congrats to the seller on experimenting and showing a little hustle.

Some domains that sold

Babes.net – $14,100 – 18 year old domain, stating an average of 5,000 uniques a month. Alexa rank near 3.2 million.

Yabai.com – $11,100 – Per the listing, “Very popular expression in Japanese means “Awesome” “Hot” “Cool” “Sick” “Wicked.”

120 domain portfolio – $4,100 – AndroidApplication.com, Gym.biz, Insurance-Policies.com, StockForum.net, more

FreeInstrumentals.com – $4,000 – sold as a website, as noted above

PositionYoga.com – $2,299 – we’ll see if this one goes through….a recent hand-reg bought at the BIN.

WPMarket.com – $2,120reggae songs

ClickThis.com – $2,050

Flipped.net – $1,999

ReggaeSongs.com – $1,999

ExoticCarAuction.com – $1,500

NearestRestaurants.com – $1,500

Deterred.com – $1,400

SiteKing.com – $1,100

CupcakeFrosting.com – $601

Ikeru.com – $555 – One of several Japenese word no-reserve listings from the same seller.

LEDFlashlight.com – $550

Okusan.com – $502 – “Extremely popular Japanese term meaning “wife” or “married woman””

Oshiri.com – $465

Airplane.me – $405

Otemachi.com – $375 – “The name of a central area of Tokyo, the main Japanese media and financial district adjacent to the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station.”

JapanLinks.com – $305

eStoreCoupon.com – $300

If you missed yesterday’s look forward at future Flippa auctions, you can check that out here.

Some sites that sold

  • TattooMagz.com – $39,000 – Monthly net profit of $2,000 stated, on uniques of 361,000. Tattoo picture website, monetized by Adsense. Bidding was only at $12,000 when the buyer came in and took it at the BIN.
  • ArticleMarketingCo.com – Monthly net profit of $4,400 stated, on uniques of 7,200. “Self managing content service with over 300 clients, 20 writers and 4 editors (staff based in Northern America via telecommute). Has a solid reputation and a ton of potential for the future.” Bidding at $17,550 when a buyer came in at the BIN.

Some domains with bids that didn’t sell

WebsiteDesigners.com – $15,000

BestAds.com – $10,001

YZI.com – $6,001

iWidgets.com – $2,000

Cleveland.info – $2,000

Visit-Italy.com – $1,100

RealEstateForeclosures.com – $1,050

EroticLingerie.com – $900

OHHO.com – $800

Bollywood.info – $750

Pach.com – $601

XXXImages.com – $500

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  1. Moris

    What about mentioning a couple of those that dont yet have bids but look like they have good potential (?)

    The same way some blog post out the good looking names in their opinion from expiring lists/auctions, then u can possibly do the same here…

  2. Kevin Fink

    Thanks for the coverage, Aaron!

    PositionYoga.com — still trying to confirm this one, but all others are solid and either in Escrow or have changed hands already.

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