Flippa Recap: MyEstate.com, iGrades.com, NYTY.com Sell. H20.com, Feel.com Do Not

Apr 21 2015

Some Domains That Sold Last Week

MyEstate.com – $5,100 – Bidding got up to $3,500 in the auction, then sold afterwards via negotiation. Recent “my” domains that have sold in the same ballpark include MyBasic.com, MyEndocinologist.com, My-Tickets.com, MyBusinessCloud.com, and MyCroft.com.

Discountz.com – $2,800 – The Z isn’t my thing, but that’s OK….the names still sell well. Tabletz.com recently sold for $1,800 on this same Flippa platform.

Portfolio of 100 Domains – $2,650 – Including Area.info, HottestNiches.com, NameDeeds.com, HelpingLoan.com, and more.

Toat.com – $2,501 – Discussed recently as a nice 5x quick flip.

TShirts.io – $2,500 – I thought .io was just for the techie names, but this says otherwise. Fun facts = the .nl sold for $7.1k in 2011, the .co sold for $3.3k in 2010, and the .biz sold for $1,700 in 2007.

Graphic.ly – $1,850

Application.info – $1,100

Hundred.net – $999 – 100.com on the other hand sold for $950,000 last year. That is what you call an apples and oranges comparison.

kick ass lifeClassTag.com – $850

iGrades.com – $800

PrivateCatering.com – $757

VirtualPrototyping.com – $600

PayProxy.com – $555

AnkleDoctor.com – $505

NYTY.com – $500

KickAssLife.com – $500

WTB.io – $455

BXUG.com – $400

If you missed the recent look forward at future Flippa auctions, including NUP.com, BrewingGuide.com, and TP.net, you can check that out here.

Some Websites That Sold

  • CrowdAzul.com – $25,000 – Monthly profit of $2,900 stated, on uniques of 732,000. A crowdfunding site. “I’ve recently developed a technique to offer crowdfunding services at zero cost, while getting leads automatically also with 0 cost!
  • 8IZ.com – $12,900 – Monthly profit of $450 stated, on uniques of 108,000. Developed as a game site. NameBio shows it sold as a domain name for $236 in 2009. (Fun fact: IZ8.com sold recently as a domain only for $2,901.)

Some Domains With Bids That Didn’t Sell

H20.com – $300,000

Feel.com – $88,000 – Relisted.

WMD.com – $30,000

Suga.com – $10,000 – Seller had a BIN of only $175,000.

EngineeringColleges.com – $2,500

Contained.com – $2,005

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    1. Post author

      Ruben, personally I’d be a happy seller if I received $400 for BXUG.com and I was selling to a largely domainer (not end user) audience. The letters just don’t mean much to me. Maybe I just don’t ‘get’ most of the LLLL.com…….

      1. Glenn

        I totally agree with you , Aaron. I do not “get” most of the LLLL.com either. Most just seem like a random , useless combo of letters that wouldn’t match anything (BXUG ?) , yet they sell. Go figure.

  1. Post author

    Glenn, I also admit that there are plenty of people making good money with LLLL.com domains, so I should probably figure them out! 🙂

  2. Aaron Johnson

    ” I thought .io was just for the techie names, but this says otherwise.”
    Agreed. Wonder how long this will last. It reminds me of How .infos use to be on Flippa a couple years ago

    1. Post author

      Aaron, personally I’m not a buyer of .io domains, though I know plenty of people have been making some money flipping them.

      Has the pricing on .info’s softened? I know there haven’t been as many coming through these weekly updates, but I don’t know if that’s because there haven’t been as many hitting the market, vs pricing has dropped.

      1. Aaron Johnson

        The market for .Infos on Flippa is pretty soft IMO. I think you might still get more there than other places I would think but not like it use to be. A couple years ago you could sell a solid .info for X,XXX. Just not seeing the same kind of results anymore.

    1. Post author

      (1) some people think they’re cool —- like bit.ly or ow.ly

      (2) others think they can sell them for more than they paid for them

      Personally, I’ve never owned a .ly domain and probably never will. Same with a house in Libya.

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