Flippa Recap: Tiky.com, Workouts.org, ExtremeFail.com, iMugs.com, HM4.com, XSO.net

Jul 14 2014

Listed below are some notable domain and website sales over the past week at Flippa.

Some domains that sold

tikyTiky.com – $2,500 – A domain-only listing, although a site is live. “Brandable 4-letter pronouncable domain with great website, made €9K last year” “We started the website last year, bought the domain from an auction. We wanted to build a brand in online flash gaming, and started to advertise. In january we ran out of advertising budget, due to other reasons, so advertise stopped. Currently the site has 500-1000 brand visitors monthly, without advertising it earns almost nothing.”

Workouts.org – $2,200 – Negotiated post-auction….the bidding had gotten up to $1,500

Supplements.info – $925

ExtremeFail.com – $500

Thin.info – $356

HM4.com – $310

XSO.net – $305 – I was off by $50……predicted $355.

LoveMovies.org – $300

StockInvesting.info – $250

Cancelled.info – $201

iMugs.com – $170

Mover.info – $155

SmugFaces.com – $155

Dubai.clothing – $60

If you missed yesterday’s look at upcoming Flippa auctions, you can check that out here.

Some websites that sold

  • AppsForPCFree.com – $16,701 – Monthly net profit of $1,200 stated, on uniques of 94,000. “2K$ M/O Adsense Revenue ,200K UV’s, Passive Income,Tech/Reviews/Android Site”
  • Race-Calendar.com – $14,100 – Monthly net profit of $1,350 stated, on uniques of 13,600. “Race-Calendar.com is an aptly named race discovery tool for runners around the world.”
  • SharesExplained.com – $13,700 – Monthly net profit of $165 stated, on uniques of 12,000. “The website teaches people how to start trading shares on the stock market.” Decent traffic for a high CPC name, which likely explains the high multiple.

Some domains with bids that didn’t meet reserve

AZU.com – $15,300 – Reached $15,500 in a prior listing.

AKU.com – $6,000 – Reached $11,200 in a prior listing. Perhaps suffering from buyer fatigue…..when people have seen the name multiple times recently, they often assume it won’t sell, and therefore don’t take the time to bid.

SoccerBalls.com – $5,050

BettingXpert.com – $2,900

F8.io – $2,222

Arcade.org – $2,000

Autismo.com – $1,800

When.io – $1,500

Enticing.com – $1,350

Templates.info – $800

Craft.io – $700

7BY.com – $500

GFJ.net – $410

Cameras.io – $380

Patricia.net – $350

DailyPlanners.com – $300

UGG.org – $250

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  1. Bram

    So Tiky.com , a website that supposedly made 9K Euro last year (around $12K) was sold for $2.500 USD? lol

    Personally I think the value for the domain name itself is worth 2,500 USD but saying the website made 9K Euro last year and then selling for only $2.5K just shows how fake many of these flippa revenue claimings are. Who the heck is going to sell a domain for only $2.5K (regardless of the quality of the domain itself) when it made $12K the year before in profits?

    1. Post author

      If “made” equals gross revenue, I think it’s plausible. The seller didn’t state “made” equals profits.

      The seller only claimed an average of $5 per month in net profit over the last three months…..which is why it was likely valued by bidders for its domain value, and not its website value. No mention of whether or not the site was to be transferred to the buyer.

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