Flippa – A Look Forward: Deindexed.com, Shares.info, M.ag, Mortgages.info Hit Reserve

Jul 13 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sell

sharesShares.info – $6,250 – As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a .info kind of guy, but that doesn’t really matter, because they sell. BIN of $15,000. Social shares, stock shares, or other types of shares.

M.ag – $3,550 – If domain hacks are your thing. Magazine / mag.

Mortgages.info – $2,650 – Will be interesting to see how the bidding fares when the auction closes in a little over three days. The singular sold for $18,900 last year on the same Flippa platform.

DomainsBox.com – $1,360 – Portfolio sale of 520 domains. There are plenty of $10/year liabilities in the portfolio, but there are also liquid domains such as NEGP.com, TLPN.com, U2P.com and Z8V.com.

Deindexed.com – $255 – Develop as a lead-gen site for an SEO company?

Luckiest.info and 14 other info’s – $75 – Other names include Sist.info, Crimp.info, and Admits.info.

YIKH.com – $70 – For the LLLL.com fans.

VJSU.com – $49 – Another LLLL.ccom.

Reserve Not Met

Oar.com – $16,000 – As mentioned last week, this one has been shopped around alot. However, its value is much greater than the current bidding.

BombShelter.com – $2,500 – Perhaps an info site, as these are tough to buy and ship…..

Dowo.com – $2,000 – CVCV with a repeating O often sell for big bucks, such as Kodo.com for $12,500.

Violins.net – $256 – The poor .net values have been beaten down…..

48E.com – $200 – A couple recent NNL.com comps include 85B.com at $2,099 and 16N.com at $3,050.

A.domains – $105

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  1. Travis

    I was interested to see was A.domains would end up selling for. Probably the brandable for a 1 character. “A+ Domains”, “Grade A Domains”, etc. Looks like it bid up to $960.

  2. Kevin

    Actually, the “a.domains” lot sold but the sale was reversed after a snaffu with the buyer.

    Thanks for the coverage, Aaron — awesome post

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