For That Price Should Come With

Feb 01 2012 is one of the bigger names up for sale at the upcoming DomainFest auction but surprisingly many bargain shoppers are “bargin” shoppers.

According to an earlier Press Release by Sedo.

“ is currently owned by FYI Direct, a leader in direct-to-consumer credit and identity protection services. Originally registered in 2001 to Bargain Network, Inc., was developed over the years to provide information on real estate foreclosures and foreclosure listings, before becoming a lead generation platform for other daily deal companies. With the growing popularity of online deal sites like Groupon, who’s recent IPO was the biggest of any US web company since Google, the domain has gained significant relevance in today’s discount-driven economy”

There is one BIG piece of info missing that should be huge to the buyer. Bargain is constantly spelled incorrectly and the first thing I did was look to see who owned it. It’s FYI and it redirects to As a buyer it is an absolute must it comes with the package. I’m sure they didn’t want to mention typos in a sales based press release. If I’m the buyer or bidder this is certainly a subject I’d want to discuss pre-auction. I’m sleeping in a rental outside the conference so as you can tell this is above my financial threshold but I thought I would point it out.

Just kidding on the car thing, I have hotel room. Thanks to all those concerned.

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