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Friday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping From Around the Net 1/13/11

Talk about a bad day.  I can’t even put down how many bad things happened today.  It was one thing right after another.  It wasn’t karma, many of them were things that happen every once in a while but just happened on the same day.  The others were the result of being too busy and not staying organized.  Even the people that are paid to keep me organized are so busy they might need assistants.  The bright point was when I came home my wife gave me a gift that Clay Burt had sent me.  I’ll do a post on what it was,  but it put a smile on my face and let me relax and rest up to tackle everything tomorrow.  Thanks Burt.  Now on to the names. 1995 domain but I’ve never heard of one.  Mechanical yes, electric?  No  I love it but I won’t tell you why.  You’ll steal my idea.  Then why did I post it? Already 44 bidders so it’s like trying to hide an elephant that you stole from the zoo.  (yes, I returned it after the party)  Every day is movie day with Netflix.  I admit I watch movies if I have 30 seconds to spare.  Too easy with this whole streaming thing.  I really need to go over these again to make sure I haven’t committed too many  Keywords keywords keywords  No bidders on this military term  Nice 5L domain with no bidders  Sounds like an app my daughter plays on her itouch  I don’t know if online whistle sales are being affected by the economy but I figured if I didn’t tell you about the name you would blow it.   I know .info aren’t big price but like the sound of this and with picks you certainly are selling info.

Sorry for the short list today.  The result of that bad day above.



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3 Replies to “Friday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping From Around the Net 1/13/11”

  1. “Talk about a bad day. I can’t even put down how many bad things happened today. ”


    Obviously you are referring to yesterday, Thursday, January 12.

    I am afraid I have an ominous warning for you and bad things could get worse.

    Today is:

    Friday the 13th.

    Be careful.


    1. Trico,

      Actually Friday the 13th is my lucky day. I always wore 13 in sports and figured with the perceived bad luck on that day that the good luck had to hide somewhere so I figured I’d take it all. This year we have three Friday the 13ths. I figured yesterday was so bad so that some of the problems could be fixed today and make today special. So far? We got our first snow of the year and made a few thousand dollars. Not too bad a start but been up since 4 am so day is half way through and that’s the only good thing. Hopefully more to come.

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