Hunting Moon Releases Names for Their AVN Internex Las Vegas Adult Name Auction

Jan 12 2012

If you like it dirty, to be exact,  then you’re going to love the pre-bid list of names up for auction at the AVN Internex Auction. If you love to raise chickens and are looking for a male chicken then this may be the auction for you.  For a mere $300K you can have  That’s assuming the name doesn’t go higher at the auction. Normally I like to list out all the names but in this case I think you are better off looking for yourself.   Many of them aren’t family names. is probably not your dentist looking for tooth decay.  I’m not exactly sure when the auction starts but it ends in just under 28 days.

Take a gander at the full list

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  1. Goodness, Good Grief, Golly, Gosh Darn it, Dagnabbit!!!

    I think just to be safe, you’d have to put your hypo-allergenic gloves on just to bid on .

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