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Friday’s Big List of Domains At Auction, Dropping, or For Sale Today Around the Net 2-17-12

It’s funny I discussed about not writing as much as possible to start developing more but what I found myself doing is sleeping more, running more.  I’ve lot 10 pounds, ran 8 miles at 7:10 pace yesterday and all because I write less.  Who knew. Maybe I’ll get going on my blog.  On a side note, I’m becoming a Pinterest flower stud if you want to follow me  When you have a 3 letter dot com to sell, this is the kind of auction you want to sell it at.  Plenty of eyeballs to get a good price.  And it WILL get a nice price.  1996 Birthday and the perfect name to sell paint remover.  Great call to action name with no bidders. 13 years old  12 years old and nice brand.  Only problem is when people say you are totally something you usually aren’t. Big name back up at auction.  I still kick myself for trading my Michael Jordan autograph for that Vanilla Ice concert used Hoodie.  I really thought he was going to be something special.  Pot is hot  I was now I’m not.  My diet is like a boa constrictor.  2000 calories for breakfast and nothing the rest of the day.  Evidently for some crazy reason people are actively looking for lowest interest rates.  At the way their falling they’re going to just give us the money if we promise to pay them back.  The name makes it sound like it represents the entire group of drag racing lovers.  I’m not sure if it’s still a hot sport.  Been a while since I been to a drag strip.  Like my entire life.  I did watch Vin Diesel in that one movie so I get the jest of it.  Good brand.  Pretend like you care  Yesterday booster, today boosting.  Boost is hot   Cheap and you’re instantly in the exotic animal meat business.


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  1. I don’t know what this means but the listing “” says closed at with no way to place a bid.

    1. Francois,

      It must have been taken off. Every once in a while I’ll miss that it’s been taken off. Namejet moves it to “wish list” , Namejet moves it to “backorder” from “preorder”. Sorry about that.

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