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Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-25-12

No doubt in my mind that this has been a fantastic quarter for those that have a solid domain portfolio and looking to sell.  Prices have come back and solid names are coming out of the woodwork, even on the forums.  I actually had to hire my wife to be my accountant.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get to the point I couldn’t handle things myself.  I domain and develop to earn EXTRA money but their is so much opportunity out there to make money I decided to go for more.  It’s paying off and the result is I need help.  My wife loves money so she agreed.  Her pay is right and I can legally sleep with a coworker.  Now on to the names.

RJWO.comIf you can get this under $25 you have a steal.

DealShake.comShows you how few good names are on the board. This one can be had for $12. 7 years old and very brandable deal domain. I’ll take it if nobody else does  An expiring name that I’m pretty sure was the name of the convenient store I used to buy my Wacky Packs and Big League Chew at.  I’m pretty sure this was the name of the place that used to wire my muffler back on my 1982 Oldsmobile Starfire GT.  This domain list is like a trip in time  Great . Under $750 is a good buy IMO  Good brand and only two bidders  The CVCV will overcome the Q  Moms that are always taking photos of their kids. Look it up.  It’s HUGE  Perfect name for an Army wives and children site



If you think you can hand register something better then Here you go, just put in the code FLOWERS and it’s only $1.49 a year at Godaddy

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3 Replies to “Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-25-12”

  1. Congrats on your achievements, Shane! Would you care to share them with your loyal readers in a dedicated post?

  2. I watch daily and appreciate you and you sharing.

    I have several domains but would like to step up my portfolio. What are the best resources for someone just starting?

    I am looking to…

    1) Learn how to better value names
    2) Learn how to maximize their worth (sit on them, flip or develop)
    3) Understand the ins and outs of domaining more.

    Thank you for answering these, if you do.

  3. Shane,

    The links above that go to to NameJet all open up to a new page so visitors clicking those links remain on your site.

    However the two GoDaddy links do not open up to a new page so visitors clicking those links leave your site.

    I’m only pointing this out in case you weren’t aware of this.

    If this comment is not really of any relevance please delete it.

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