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Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-26-12

Ahhh Memorial day weekend. The days when the local pool opens and the long pants are put away until fall. When the first vacations of the year start and the school year ends. When my skin takes on a fine hue of aged leather and my shirt comes off for the morning runs. It was a pretty picture until I mentioned taking my shirt off. Sorry, here are today’s domains. One of those two short words you know that I usually buy but this one has already caught people’s eye and is going to go for more than I want to spend. Still worth buying at this price

NewHomePrices.comA steal at this price (was $69 when I wrote this)  I lived there.  The girls are pretty and the guys are pretty scary.  We’re not that far off from having ocean farms.  Either floating or in the water.  Future trend Easy name to make a site on. Develop and Flip

XMLCooktop.comYeah, I had to look it up too. It was a PR4 site and is a Windows editor for authoring XML documents.  Should cross the $2K mark  Wouldn’t be a DomainShane list without a few LLLL.coms  Sound like a company that powers another company  A shipping nightmare  Probably not real valuable but I like the city/town of Muscle Shoals so I put it up here  Every company, person, and endurance runner needs one Getting so many bids because it’s a city in China  A very popular name in some parts of the world

If you think you can hand register something better then Here you go, just put in the code FLOWERS and it’s only $1.49 a year at Godaddy

Domain Spotlight: