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Godaddy Releases Another $1.49 Code Especially Themed for Me

Everyone loves a $1.49 domain. It’s a chance to buy a domain and take a chance on a name that you didn’t want to spend $8. . I love the code this week as it’s in my niche. Everyone thinks of me this time of year because I’m the flower guy. The friend that can save them a ton of money when they gussy up their yard. Now I can save you a little money on domains as well.

Here you go, just put in the code


*Shout out to NameTalent who posted first and stole my thunder

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8 Replies to “Godaddy Releases Another $1.49 Code Especially Themed for Me”

  1. No prob. Ended up purchasing RIndustries (dot) com, which I’ve liked for a while, but never enough to spend the $8. Always curious to hear what others pull the trigger on if anyone else cares to share.

  2. Sure, I’ll share

    I took: CuffedChinos (1900 exacts/month) (com)

    Don’t forget to grab your free .info as well. It doesn’t even have to be the matching domain.

  3. Regged, plan to write off next next years trip to Chicago for WhiskyFest. lol

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