Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-4-12

May 04 2012

Had a nice compliment yesterday.  I receive emails a few times a week thanking me for the daily list as well as a few cursing me for causing the price to go up because I featured it.  Usually its just to say they got a name they would have missed and thought it was a good deal and give a little thanks.  Rick Schwartz was kind enough to mention he found a name on my list he thought was fantastic and got it for cheap.  It’s humbling to think that all levels of domain investors take a peek at this list every day.  Even someone who has made millions. It just goes to show that you should always be looking for good names and anyone that can help you find them has some value.  In short, thanks everyone for stopping by each day and helping keep the lights on.  Have a good Friday. And PS, congrats to Escrow for publicly releasing a great new tool for brokers.  The best wine tasting domain I’ll have on the board today

VeryVeryBig.comThe perfect email to hand to a girl at a bar. It’s all yours since it has no bids.

StormAlert.comSorry Chris. I had to put this one up. Too good not to share with the world.  Great name.  I hope Namejet gets it  Again, the LLLL.coms with the A at the end do very well  This one actually has more bidders.  Might be over 70 by press time Yet another and this is my favorite of the three.  Should have more bidders than this IMO

SocialFish.comAnother great brand. Has a little age and I’ve always loved the word fish. I also like the word functional. Its crazy the way the c makes the K sound in this one. So cool  If you’re the typo type then you will realize the value here.  Hollister is the poor man’s Ambercrombie and Fitch which is the metrosexual man’s favorite store.  I hate to put this one up I want it so bad.  Nevermind I’m not going to even try.  See… its a perfect name for me.  I quit right here in the description  Perfect name for anyone in domain law.  Karen? John?  No bidders for this solid product domain

NetHookups.comWhat online dating is for most people.

DomainWant.comI figured you guys would like this one  Nothing takes the fun out of funny like love.

Website Auction Selections   First of all I love the name.  It’s also a blog about cars that are certainly the future of transportation. It’s only a PR 1, not a ton of traffic, and no revenue but the potential is much greater than most of the auctions.  I think you could really do something with this one.  Another case where the owner most likely has the reserve too high but you can negotiate it down.

This is all I could find today.  Almost every other site was made in the last 60 days.



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  1. chriswoodward

    VeryVeryBig.comThe perfect email to hand to a girl at a bar. It’s all yours since it has no bids.

    I’m pretty sure I saw dropping somewhere yesterday too

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