Saturday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Net 1/21/12

Jan 21 2012

Plenty of good names dropping today.  Enough that Saturday is getting it’s own list.  I won’t waste your time like I usually do each weekday so here are today’s names.  If I remember sold for a few thousand and I think this one is worth even more.   Always looking for good surgery information.  New nose and some hair and I’m back modeling again.  This one is mine.  Look how easy it is to type on the keyboard and it usually gets 25-30 visits a day.  I think you should buck up for this one but I am a little partial  Good searches, great CPC, boring sport.  Pretty sure there won’t be many bidders  You can find a million places that you can pay for debt advice.  But this one offer Free advice.  Free=money in domains  Most people I know jump on and off these things. No bidders.  Two clicks pays for this one  Only 12 bidders at press time aka 55.  Know the term but the 15 years the domain has been around is what gives it value



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  1. Mike

    I am biding on as I already have some few developed sites in Plastic Surgery niche and this would be great addition to my portfolio.
    All local niches are my favorite because companies are paying crazy amount of money to get new customers and simple wordpress based site with good categories can make wonders in these niches.

  2. Ablaze Domains

    While is a nice domain I don’t think it is worth more than It’s almost always better to go with a two word domain than 3.

    I think the domain most worth developing in the bunch is

    1. Post author


      I probably agree with you. I may have been a little overzealous. I do think descriptive can be better than too generic in certain cases.

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