Girls Are Like Domain Names

Jun 02 2011

I realize it’s a little childish but I thought it was funny.  I was reading through Reddit and noticed they had a pretty funny thread going called “Girls are like Domain Names”

Here were my favorite of the responses

1.  The ones I like are always taken

2. You can always get one from an obscure country

3. The best looking ones are too expensive

4. You constantly search for them online

5. You can always buy them if you have enough money

6. There are some good ones out there but most of them are stupid

7. If they are affordable they aren’t worth having

8. The popular ones get too much traffic

9. There are still a few out there that nobody’s noticed yet

10 And the one I made up.  If the first one doesn’t work you can always save up and find another  (man I hope my wife isn’t reading this)

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  1. Bob Leroy

    There are still a few out there that nobody’s noticed yet

    i agree

    i just picked up yeah i jumped on the band wagon.

  2. Andrew Douglas

    #8 should be – the popular ones get a lot of traffic. I don’t think you’ll find a domain name that gets too much traffic, so at that point the metaphor breaks down.

    If I was a funny guy I would make a comment like “short ones are a sure thing” or something, but I’m not that funny.

  3. Clay Burt

    How about these…

    …If you “enhance” one with enough time and money, even the plain ugly ones are beautiful… or can at least make some money

    …the best ones don’t talk – they let the quality speak for itself

    🙂 jk

  4. Judah

    The one’s with exotic names tend to get expensive.

    If you don’t get her today, someone will have her tomorrow.

    Getting her to do anything on .TV will cost you.

  5. Two Can Play


    1. They’re always on the damn computer.

    2. They rarely perform as promised.

    3. The great majority are absolutely worthless.

  6. Cant stand it

    Rest assured when you dump the one you think is no good, someone else will pick that one up , spruce it up a little and the next time you see that one you’ll be kicking yourself

    If you forget about the anniversary date, you could be in some serious hot water.

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