Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Aug 12 2011

In the “assumed news” category today is the DomainFest conference not having the ending party at the Playboy Mansion.  I have a better chance of having sex with Ellen DeGeneres than we did of being asked back to the the Playboy Mansion.  I say we just rent a big place, invite 100 “models” from LA and hire Steel Panther for a private concert.  Now THAT would be a great ending party.  Now onto the names. A dot net but a pretty nice dot net.  Wonderful build out possibility There haven’t been very many CVCVs on the market in the last 3 months “Close don’t count unless it’s horseshoes or hand grenades, or” 2 character dot org and cool mountainy sound to it I feel like it’s missing a “deep” Baby’s are delicate so they need special soap. Just today I was looking for a company that could manage my gift cards through my existing CC terminal. Still hasn’t met reserve but pretty.  High CPC gives it value. I actually don’t like the name but it WILL make good money for the buyer (if there is one) Pretty good name for $17

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