Friday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions and A Joke

Ahh, the weekend. The time that you can get some time off work and get some things done.  That is unless you own a business, especially a retail business.  Enjoy your free time you lucky SOBs.  Now onto the names 1996 Domain.  You’ll notice I am putting a lot more 4L dot coms.  I think they are good investments if they have four good letters and some age.  This one has both I’m thinking porno site here.  A perfect celebration of the old  Or you could just make it a bunch of lawyerin type stuff  boooooooooooooooooooooooring Trust me, I work with enough organic freaks to know this is very popular.  I’ve been told I need one of these and you can make the site that tells me how to get it Perfect ecommerce store.  You’ll make a shitload of money with this one This whole YouTube video thing looks to be catching on so this name should have value Commodity

And the joke



a man is out at a restaurant and is immediately overwhelmed with the beauty of his waitress. feeling good about himself, he takes a chance: “Have you decided what you want?” “How about a quickie?” the man asks. The waitress slaps him across the face and walks off hurriedly. An old man at another table leans over and says “I believe that’s pronounced ‘Quiche‘”

Domain of the Day:

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  1. Your best joke by far was the one in the domain “drop” today – thanks for the laugh. Plus it is a good domain – without it, where would we be??? Hovering?

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