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Friday’s Lovely Domain Drops and Auctions

Not quite as good as yesterday’s list but it can’t be Christmas every day.  Remember that you only have a few more house to get in your guesses on the Name the Domainers contest.  Here are today’s names Bigger market than you think for these.  Perfect for that next scuba diving trip.  995 searches Great name for those of you drinking the 3D Kool-Aide.  $99 entry fee If drums don’t excite you then perhaps the fact that it has 3000 backlinks and is a PR6 site will.  1998 registrar for a little icing. Obviously I have a bid in on this one but I imagine there are a few country bar owners competing against me on this one.  Actually 79 bidders at press time Bigger name than you may think.  This is a big concern with all the troops returning from the middle east.  You could do worse with your $70 Remember dot org means trust.  Just kidding,  but this does work with the dot org.  First page of guide.  Good Luck selling your house! 1995 domain with 55 bidders

Tough finds today but you have a better chance with

I apologize for the lack of names so to make up for it I’d like to give you this gift of a picture of my babysitter

Domain Spotlight:

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