MarkMonitor Securing Some Unusual Names Today for Clients

Sep 23 2011

MarkMonitor’s job is pretty simple.  Secure domains for their clients and keep them under wraps until the client is ready. With the public release of Daily Changes it’s been a little harder to hide.  One of the strategies of MarkMonitor is to secure many different domains for a client and then let the client choose.  It’s not very costly if they are hand registrations but it can add up if a customer has too many choices.  If you’ve ever dealt with MarkMonitor you know that they are pretty stealth in their dealings.  You think you are selling to a regular old guy.  Later you find out that a big company just picked up your domain for $1000.  Today I noticed they registered and acquired a bunch of unusual 5 to 7 letter dot coms.  None are similar in anything but “style” . A few are also typos of eachother.   I’m curious to see what they become.  Take a look at today’s MarkMonito’s acquisitions.

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