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General Electric Has Been Diagnosed with ADD

General Electric owns many domains and they should. They are one of the world’s pioneers of technology and electronics.  But why in the world do they own  You know the other names ADD, ADHD and I think many domainers actually have it.  But why does GE?

It seems that they’ve owned the name for 9 years or at least it’s been around that long. It points to a SEDO parking page and has no real links to in on the net.  Here are the reasons I’ve come up as to why they have it.

1. GE owns Universal which owns NBC and may have bought the name to use in some TV show.

2.  They were hoping to pick up on the high CPC through Sedo Parking.  NBC is really struggling so maybe they needed a few extra dollars

3. Corporate Domains Inc which registered the domain snuck it in to make some extra money.  They get paid by the domain and figured that they could sneak in a few crazy domains into the billing

4. They won it in a lawsuit.  They could have won a case and handed the entire portfolio.

5. They were trying to set the record for longest domain name and most hyphens owned by a Fortune 100 company

Anyone else have any guesses or info

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2 Replies to “General Electric Has Been Diagnosed with ADD”

  1. GE Capital financed many fledgling internet start ups back in the late 90s, when the internet bust hit they ended up with several portfolios of busted start ups they financed, for example they own and other decidely “un GE” names.

  2. WHOIS history shows they hold it since at least 2007. The domain was registered in 2001 and unfortunately domaintools provides no prior info. This probably means that this domain was hardly ever looked up or otherwise queried. There are no traces of it at – it appears that the domain was never used. It’s only been parked for a year at Sedo.

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