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Somebody Really Dislikes Godaddy. Introducing NoDaddy

I was stumbling across the Internet when I came across this website,  Evidently somebody has a little problem with Godaddy.  His name is Gordon Lyon and here is his reasoning as stated on the site

This site was created by Gordon Lyon (AKA Fyodor) after GoDaddy intentionally shut down one of my most important sites (SecLists.Org) without even giving me a reason. When GoDaddy noticed their blunder and reporters started calling them on it, they resorted to libeling me. A wired reporter even caught them in a lie as their General Counsel Christine Jones contradicted herself in a single interview. Since this site isn’t just about my story, I’ve moved the full details here.

Now I admit I think Godaddy’s hosting and privacy protection are very bad, I think their domain registration is top notch.  One of, if not my favorite. After reading his blog/site I do agree with some of what he says although no doubt he is a very disgruntled customer.  Godaddy is in a huge conflict of interest in my opinion when it comes to selling expiring domains.  It is in their interest for us to not renew our valuable domains because they stand to make great money in their expired auctions.  Often much much more than they would ever make from renewal fees.  I’ve never had a problem receiving emails regarding expiring domains but then again I am always at the site buying expired domains so I constantly check my domains.  I actually try and get all my domains to Godaddy just because it is easier to manage my domains if they are all in one place and Godaddy is as good as any.  Mr. Lyon would not agree with me

I’m guessing and this is purely a guess, that most of the issues could have been avoided by keeping the whois up to date and a little management of the domains.  At the same time, Godaddy is running a billion dollar company and I’m sure they don’t take to kindly to someone putting out in the open, every mistake they make.  According to his forum (I say forum lightly because he seems to be the only one posting) Godaddy may be suing him soon.  I realize there is a freedom of speech thing going on here but I’ll leave the legal questions up to Howard Neu.

Ironically, as I write this, the Godaddy site is down.  That, or they’ve already cut me off for giving publicity to NoDaddy

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3 Replies to “Somebody Really Dislikes Godaddy. Introducing NoDaddy”

  1. “it is easier to manage my domains if they are all in one place and Godaddy is as good as any.”

    I very quickly took the same decision, but chose Moniker instead of GoDaddy. 2 reasons:

    – You can very easily manage 5,000 domains at a time at Moniker. I only have a few hundred now, but to be able to update them all in about 4 clicks is good.

    – Personally I prefer the Moniker transfer process – in and out. Maybe it’s because I’m an Englishman, but GoDaddy’s seems about 10x as complicated and 10x slower, and to involve 10x as many emails.

    Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I’ve been struggling with 1 sale transfer TO GoDaddy all week.

  2. Even if i own 10k domains, maybe i put my hart in only one. They should not own my thoughts, my work etc. Maybe i would make a mistake (wtf, who here can say otherwise), GoDaddy shloud be “the better person” and give me a fucking notice so that i can have the time to run the hell from them. We are not kids anymore and godaddy is not my daddy, he cant take away my toys for making a mistake

  3. Although i don’t like the annoying ads from godaddy while buying a domain, the price is cheapest. The service is great over years. Anyway you should never put all your eggs in one basket only, is my second domain registrar. and i only use them since it’s easier for management.

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