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Friday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

There’s a reason I’ve missed a few days of drop posts.  There wasn’t jack worth picking up on a few days this week. There was one or two, here and there, but not enough to make a post about.  It has been DRY.  I think it’s a good sign and I’ve put a few domains up on the auction block because a good name gets more attention right now.  I believe my last two auctions ended higher than they normally would because there isn’t anything out there right now and domainer loooooooove to buy domains. Now onto the names More commonly spelled carat but still is correct.  A great name and a ton of bidders I think you’ll have a trademark issue and wouldn’t touch it but it appears that many people don’t care I see a huge demand for this eBook in today’s youth  You may be able to get Lindsay Lohan to be on the cover I think this is way undervalued.  Fantastic name to help people get rid of student loans In Chinese it means Olympic Games.  Of Course Chinese speak Chinese so you’d be better off getting your name here There is a huge underground cult (2 or 3 people which is huge in domaining) of people flipping LNL.coms.   Buy low and then sell them to you high like this one

Domain Spotlight:

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