Get Ready for The Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence. And Domain Investors Have Taken Note

Mar 05 2012

Get ready, The Hunger Games is going to be everywhere.  At initial glance, you would think a book about a young girl that has to kill other kids to survive would not be a very good kids story.  And second glance at Jennifer Lawrence to the right you may also be wondering how she can play a homely 14 year old. But it is and she is.  Tweens and teens around the world are giddy over Katniss Everdeen, Gale and Peeta and their strong characters.

I think the key to the movie and the books are the amount of adults reading the series.  It doesn’t hurt the Jennifer Lawrence is a pretty good looking girl.  Any time you see Jennifer Lawrence naked as a trending topic you know your career has taken off.  Harry Potter had adults interested but not quite like TGH.  It’s been 20 years since I read a book all the way through without stopping.  This was one of them.  It’s that good.  And what would this article be if I didn’t mention domains?  Suzanne Collins has trademarked most of the titles and characters in the books but that hasn’t stopped domain investors for putting up many of the related domains for sale. Here’s a look of some of the bigger keyword domains from the book.  is under the control of Scholastic, the publisher  Using the name to promote the fight against hunger.  A little fishy because its under privacy.  The fictional bird and a main symbol of the books.  For sale at Godaddy for $20,000  The pin is one of the hottest pieces of jewelry right now.  Again, a key figure in the book.  An Amazon store site with private registration.  Main character  Owned by Wasp Enterprises for now.   The district where Katniss lives. Again, a central part of the story. Owned by .  For sale for $2318    Recently purchased and with a little investigation by Hunger Games megafan Adam Strong it was revealed that was purchased by NecaOnline, a company that makes movie collectibles.  I imagine The Hunger Games is going to be a big addition. They were trying to avoid the trademarks of all the above.

You’re going to be hearing a lot more about it in the next few weeks and I imagine the domains will follow as well.







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