Tuesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping Around the Net 3-6-12

Mar 06 2012


I thought I would throw this out there.  I’m looking for a coder to make a fun site.  Without going into details, I want the site to basically have two sides to the site and you can vote for the person on the left or the right.  That never changes.  The harder part is I want the voters to vote using their facebook and or their twitter account.  Below each side would be the profile pictures of everyone that voted for that side.  Also a twitter feed on each side that is set up to track one keyword for each side. There may be a little more added to it but that’s the basic thought.  If anyone thinks they can code it drop me a line.  Enough business, now on to today’s names.

BackTweets.com An archive.org for tweets. Sounds like a good idea.  Tweets about people’s backs, not a good idea.

SmokersDen.com  Should have more than 2 bids.  Not a fan of smokers but ironically love this name.

OHDS.com  Good letters. As a I said before, A, O , and S are good for Association, Organization, and Society and therefore easier to sell.

Buzzapp.com Not necessarily a great name but I like it and its cheap

SendALetter.com  No bidders on this 1999 domain.  I can’t buy it because of the bad memories. Who knew that my girlfriend wouldn’t appreciate the emotional significance of a letter containing a bag of hair from my first haircut?  Girls are so hard to figure out.

DDWD.com One of the harder domains to say that I’ve come across. Say it. Sounds like dubba dee dubba dee

PoopIsland.com  I think you could get a pretty good Priceline price on this one.  1999 Domain.  Great email as well.

NameMonster.com  Monster is a bit passe but 49 bidders think its cool

LongTails.com  Most people think animals but domainers see this name differently.  No bidders.

Plasmahdtv.org The dot org isn’t great but for $10 you are getting a heck of keyword domain and a nice CPC. 56 visits a month are a bonus

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  1. KR

    “SmokersDen.com Should have more than 2 bids. Not a fan of smokers but ironically love this name.”

    I think that was the name of a bar I went to one night on my last trip to Thailand… They certainly don’t sell cigarettes… 😉

  2. John

    Curious to see where BuzzApp ends up, although I think the other way way around with App in front holds far more value. I sold a nice one that way a couple months ago & remember AppEmpire.com going off at $22,604 late last year.

  3. John

    BackTweets.com goes off at $8332 with 60 bids
    PlasmaHDTV.Org $10 1 Bid
    BuzzApp.com $393 18 Bids
    I noticed a bunch of CityCable names going off that looked to be all owned by Dish Network with 2002 regs. Most went off $20 or under (DallasCable.com, HoustonCable.com, NevadaCable.com, etc.)
    NewYorkCable.com went the highest for $180 with 32 bids. NewYorkCable.net, DallasCable.net & Houston Cable.net are being used by a business helping customers set up their cable & phone it appears. Maybe they were the buyers? Be curious to know someone’s thoughts on Dish dropping all those names. Love the DirectTV commercials.
    Some other interesting sales:
    BusinessCheckingAccounts.com $2315 with 101 bids.
    SeniorCheckingAccounts.com $30 3 bids
    LoanAdvisors.com $280 46 Bids
    NewJen.com looked like a steal at $15 with a 99 reg. A short interesting name with no marks coming up on it.
    CancerMisdiagnosis.com $193 13 bids
    WoodPly.com $150 24 bids
    MiamiCable.com $25 4 bids

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