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Monday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping Around the Net

Big week ahead. I am especially interested in the Apple announcement on Wednesday. Not because I need a new iPad but because I own a good deal of stock. Amazing how this stock has flown up and how much more room it has to grow. I’m pretty excited about the TVs coming out soon as well. I think they do very well. As for domains. This past few weeks has offered so many great two word dot coms I am giddy. And they are going pretty cheap. I’ve actually stayed up until 10 pm just to grab a few in the last minute. It takes a lot for me to stay up that late but it’s been worth it lately. I’m hoping it continues this week.  I screwed this up the other day and put it up early.  This is a reminder.  I would say worry about yourself don’t worry about others but that would be too cheesy  There may be one ginger bidder alongside you.  Doggy day care is growing in popularity.  My dog doesn’t go because….well, he’s a dog.   Don’t say Stewardess if you want your lunch and full can of pop. Oh wait, they took that long ago. Because somebody has to be at fault for everything nowadays  I’ll leave this one to you and your Bear friend 16 year old domain and somebody really likes this one. I think it goes for over $2K. It has clouds in the domain. Guaranteed $50 regardless of name.  Means tips in Spanish.  No bidders .  Make sure to tip me if you buy it.  You would have no trouble finding content for this one.  1999 Birthday  With the Hobbit coming out, the Lord of the Rings fanboys may like this  Don’t like the net but love the name

Special thanks to DropDay and for making this list possible. Don’t get lost in the crowd. If you have a name up for auction and would like to feature it here on the list.  Drop me a line.

Domain Spotlight:

4 Replies to “Monday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping Around the Net”

  1. The StrategicStaffing & CancerLawyers link aren’t going through…. I see them still up and valid auctions.

  2. It seems to me that domain investors are starting to pay end-user prices.

    There are going to be many domain investors getting burnt if the economy goes south again. You had better be buying income domains, and if not, you had better have the cash to hold on to your “brandables” until the brand companies open up their wallets, which they won’t until they see the economic crash dissipating, just like they did after this last crash.

    These “investors” are overspending and they had better count on good times ahead or their cash reserves in the bank to hold on to these overpaid domains. If they economy never crashes, then they will still do fine….but who wants to play that game when you don’t have to.

  3. goes off at $920 with 31 bids. 99 reg $1805 24 bids. 96 reg $405 36 bids, another Cloud name today, $355 33 bids which looked interesting $2455 with 58 bids. 99 reg

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