Giant 8 Foot Lego Man Washes Up on a Florida Beach, .NL Domain Suggests He Traveled a Long Way

Oct 26 2011

Yesterday was a very slow domain news day. Several bloggers were bailed out by Sedo and Afternic sales numbers and even DNW was posting tutorials. Since yesterday is when I write for today, I had to dig for something domain related to write about. We try to write some news articles throughout the week to mix things up…and let’s face it if every day were filled with our ‘Opinionated Jumblings’ we might have a riot on our hands.

Ok, so I’ll use ‘domain related’ loosely with this news related post, but you’ll see where I’m going with it by the end…maybe.

A giant 8′ lego figurine washed up on Florida’s Siesta Key Beach out of the blue yesterday. His name is Ego Leonard and he is #8 on the ‘No Real Than You’ team. When doing a Google search for Ego Leonard I find that he has his own website, .NL is the ccTLD for the Netherlands and although his website insists he’s from a virtual world, I’m more inclined to guess that he was dumped in the ocean somewhere over in Europe and ended up in Florida. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a domain name can tell you where the hell this Lego man came from.

Now before all you ocean currents experts jump on my case and tell me how this isn’t possible, it is simply a GUESS…but feel free to tell me anyways because it would be interesting to know.

What’s also interesting is that his website is better than most small business websites I see here in America, which is pretty pathetic. It’s better than Smith & Goldsmith, Gates N Fences, and DP Graph (do not visit this site if you are prone to epileptic seizures). When a giant Lego man sitting in the middle of the ocean for years at a time has a better website to sling a few t-shirts when he’s finally recovered than the website of your legitimate business, you’ve got a problem. It’s probably time to call the Yale School of Art for some design tips.

According to, “The giant Lego remains in the of custody the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office until someone claims him.” Hear that Schwartz, all it takes is a road trip and he’s all yours. I think he would make an excellent attendee at TRAFFIC and you could use him to promote some of those prem dom’s that are hard to move.

Anyways, enough with this absolute randomness. Here’s the video that proves I’m not making all this up, and here’s to a better news day tomorrow. Enjoy.

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