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Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping

If you’ve noticed I’ve taken a few days off it’s because I’ve been spending time at night researching my trades.  The volatility in the market is absolutely a traders dream come true.  Instead of researching domain names I’ve been doing my stock homework.  It’s not to say that I’m no longer interested in domains, quite the contrary.  I’m saying that rather than writing the last few days, I needed to spend a little more time picking stocks.  And man did it work. As you know I am an options trader and I was able to turn $1K into $10K this week using near term options.  Of course there are certainly losses to be had at some point in time and taxes to be paid,  but I’m almost giddy with the opportunity right now in the market to trade the swings.  With the domain market being a little slow right now it gives me an opportunity to generate some cash flow.  Speaking of opportunity, here are domains that I think may provide some. Love it.  The reserve is fair but I don’t think it will get there. I think it goes for 6-7K and will still be a good buy. One of my favorite years.  The dot net is up for auction as well. Thousands of companies could use this domain for marketing their products.  Even if it’s not true I’m not sure how you rank clouds but it doesn’t matter it has cloud in the name. Yeahhh I think Elliot had something like this on one of his Jewish website.  I’m not Jewish so I really wouldn’t have many questions Grants is a big paying keyword so I can see why this is attracting a lot of bidders 60,000 searches and $22,000 valuate.  I was thinking trailer hitches but I would imagine many would think dating.  I’d rather buy another trailer than try dating again. This is the type of 5L names I buy. The final price will give you an idea of the value of 5Ls. The US in the front makes this name worth over $500 IMO I have no idea why this auction is already at $2000 I like three letter dot coms with X.  It makes it memorable. Kind of like wearing a purple shirt with blue jeans.

Domain Spotlight:

6 Replies to “Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping”

  1. Tough ones to consistently nail down. Lots of juice in them. Overnight moves like PCLN today worked out well for those buying them on the close.

  2. Did you pick up any NFLX after their earnings announcement? I think you mentioned you’re a long-term believer in their business.

    1. Aaron,

      Actually I was short Amzn and NFLX. Long DECK, short BIDU, and Super long SLW. Silver is making me huge money and I just got in a week ago. I love NFLX but I believe their business is eroding with new competition and mismanagement. No longer short or long. I was just playing what I knew was going to show an eroding userbase and loss of inventory (Starz rejected offer)

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