How To Buy Horrible Stupid Domain Names

Oct 25 2011

Ever go to YouTube and search ‘domain names’? Normally you’ll get the standard ‘how to buy a domain name’ lame ass video but every now and then you’ll stumble upon something entertaining. This video is from Brian Spaeth. I don’t know much about him other than he did this video. According to his blog at he writes books and maybe did a movie.
Anyways, he did this video called How To Buy Horrible Stupid Domains and it definitely got a laugh out of my because it’s so easy to relate. Watch this and tell me you havn’t thought like this guy at some point. In fact when he’s talking it sounds like just about every domainer I know talking about their development plans for the future. Enjoy.

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  1. Trico

    “This one is my fav and will definitely get you a laugh”

    Funny video Samer.

    I would be interested in some of those domains
    if they were priced at $.99 cents instead of a dollar.


  2. Attila - eTools

    wow, that guy is one crazy domainer!

    Though I think I lied to my GF too back in the day about how many domains I owned. I didn’t want to say I owned 1000’s so I said 40-50

    And I remember how she wanted to get into this one business so I bought her this one domain for $1,000 cause it was a catchy name, and then a few weeks later, we broke up (ouch, I know).

  3. Trico

    “lol that one was a classic here’s their ‘reg’ to 🙂


    You gave me an idea.

    I know inflationary pressures will cause a price increase so I am going to cybersquat them and register:

    Thanks for the idea!


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