Giuseppe Graziano and Release Quarter 2 Report on Short, Liquid Dot Coms

Oct 18 2016

Over the years Guiseppe Graziano ( has become the number one analyst of short dot coms. We all know the 1st quarter had a peak in this category due to the high demand from the Chinese sector. But what happened in quarter two? Did the bottom drop out? Did everyone run away and move to another category? Guiseppe gathered the data and shows the current value based on actual sales from and other sales result platforms. He has also gathered an outlook based on his visits to conferences and meetings all over the world including China several times.  Combined with data gathered and analyzed by Intelium (Esitbot’s parent company) he is able to put together his very informative and laid out Q2Report

The categories covered are

LN and

To take a look at the report you can go HERE

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