GoDaddy Aftermarket to Offer Sedo Domains

Dec 06 2011

GoDaddy’s domain aftermarket will soon offer all domains already listed through Sedo, according to a source familiar with the agreement.

GoDaddy already offers domains listed through Afternic DLS and recently completed integration to offer domains owned and operated by Tucows. GoDaddy, already the largest domain aftermarket by way of amount of domains sold, sets itself up to be the aftermarket powerhouse by integrating the two largest aftermarkets by way of sales numbers.

It is unclear how Sedo domains will be integrated into GoDaddy’s system, but will most likely appear in the registration path as Afternic and Tucows domains do. Also unclear is how payments and domain transfers will be handled.

Full integration is expected to be completed by early next year.

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  1. Mike

    Well that sucks because I have yet to close deal on Godaddy without the so-called “buyer” walking away before payment. And Godaddy’s response? Too bad. I refuse to sell on GoDaddy for this reason and will have to contact Sedo to made sure my 1500+ names do not make it onto that service where dead-beat buyers seem to hang out in droves.

  2. Josh S.


    Since June, I’ve sold 10 out of the 500 or so domains that I have listed on the GoDaddy marketplace (9 using premium listings & 1 through auction), and I’ve never had a non-paying buyer. It sounds like maybe you’ve just had a run of bad luck.

    How many times has that happened to you?

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