Tuesday’s Big List Of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Net

Some decent names today but not as strong as yesterday.  I am in a bit of a hurry so to make up for my haste I have given you a picture of the hot new Godaddy Dot Co girl.  Makes the “stars” next to her look like horses but then again they looked like horses before the new girl came around.

FountainPenRepair.com A real needed service for the Ben Franklin types.  Not sure the repair guy has big bucks to take the name off your hand.  Might have to do a little tradin’

Unsaleables.com Francois should open a new site for most peoples domains using this name.  He would have millions of users

MicroBlaze.com 1999 Birthday. Has age and a great start up sound.

LaserVisionSurgery.com Almost everyone who needs glasses will end up having this one.  A deal at $150 at press time

DrumUp.com Drum up sales.  Drum Up the ladies. Or maybe it’s best marketed after the drum of the same name

Rodn.com Fishing site or hot rodding site, although I’m not sure exactly what hot roddin is.  I just know my Mom always told me not to do when I borrowed the car

VJXD.com I am missing something here BIG TIME.  It’s at $5K and I have no idea why.  And don’t tell me it’s because it’s a PR6.

Flashdating.com When I was dating I always flashdated.  Not by my choice though

RCKits.com Look at the searches and you won’t see many but look it up on Google and you’ll see a ton of results and ads.  I think $500 is pretty fair

iPhone.tv Are these bidders crazy?  Whoever wins this better either work for Apple or have squatter tattooed on their forehead

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