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I’ll Never Forget My First Week On the Blogging Circuit

Last fall I decided to start blogging about domains. My favorite blog at the time was Reece Berg’s and after coming off a recent non compete from an old site I was looking for my next “niche” to write about.  Domaining is something I enjoy doing, was making money at it, and thought the area could use my “style” of writing and thoughts.  So I decided I was going to do it and started looking for a name.

I came across the name “Domain Pantry” and registered the dot com.  It was with excitement that I announced to the world on LLLL that I was starting   Within 5 minutes I get an email from some guy named Chef Patrick.  His  message something to the effect of this.  “Really, of all the domains in the world you have to go with a kitchen type domain?”  Evidently there was only room for one cook in the kitchen.  I debated for a day or so what to do.  I did a bit of research and realized that Patrick was a pretty popular guy and although most people I talked to didn’t see the problem, he perceived it as too close and he seemed like a nice enough person.  Secondly, I wanted to brand myself and not piggyback on anyone else so I decided to look for another name.  DomainShane was born.

Anyone that’s written a blog knows it takes a while to develop a “style” for your blog.  What are your regular posts? What are you known for? What will make you stand out.  I knew comedy would be a key item.  I knew having fun while making money would be another.  And finally, I would use my business experience and creativity to analyze domaining and life.  So now I had to figure out how to get people to find it.  That I knew would take a lot of time.  I started off asking Francois if I could join Domaining.  He basically said “you support me, I support you”  As a businessman I know exactly what that meant.  If put up good content it would make his site better.  His site is better, he receives more traffic and more people see the blog.  Simple…..except.

The first week I forgot I was writing for this little tiny community of domaining.  I posted links to funny pictures and waaay off topic things.   I received an email from Francois saying “you need to put up more domaining content or I’ll have to drop you”  We all know Francois’ English is not quite that good but that is basically what he meant.  At first I was mad,  but soon I realized that I was not offering anything worth reading or of value.   So that was the first week.  A new puppy in a world of tight knit people trying to put up something that people would read.  In these six months since, I’ve found my flow.  I’ve met tons of people in this industry and they’ve guided my way.  The site has helped me sell more domains, given me an outlet to speak, and spurred on my creativity.  To those that have supported me(both financially and through kind words)  in these first six months I say thank you.  I look forward to the future and I see a bright one for all domainers…….Ok not all but the ones I associate with 🙂

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7 Replies to “I’ll Never Forget My First Week On the Blogging Circuit”

  1. I remember that when you put up the advertisement from you mother I almost stopped reading your blog at all. I thought that here was another 15 year old domainer trying to tell everyone else how they do it.

    I’m glad that I came back a few more times and realized that a) in spite of letting your mother advertise on your blog you were not a little kid and b) you actually had good stuff to say.=)

    Forgive me for my ealier judgment of you=)

  2. I also liked a lot the blog of Reece.

    I no longer remember the details of what you comment about me, but I recognize me here so no doubt it probably happened this way. I often go to the point, certainly too much direct.

    Like Troy I think remember some “child style” graphic at the begining I did not like a lot and that in fact was not deserving you.

    Because you use to publish late in US time in fact in France it’s often one of the only new post present during all the morning, so one I have the most time to read. So as you see I am a serious reader of your daily dropping domains selection!

    Thanks Shane for sharing with the domain community.

    1. Thanks Francois. I’m about to give you a new picture for my avatar. My tan is nice and in great shape right now due to ironman training so the next good hair day and I’ll be sending you a picture. Thanks for the support.

  3. I find the posts insightful and very interesting.

    Please keep them up. You do have your own style and it stands out. 🙂

  4. Hey Shane
    I know exactly what you mean about finding your flow as a new domain blogger, as you know my blog is pretty green, but I have had some great encouragement from yourself and some others within the community and it helps a great deal.
    DomainShane is certainly one the blogs that I return to on almost daily basis because you provide great, informative content and your wit often makes me chuckle, so congratulations on getting the blog to where it is now.

    Oh yeah, namechecked in my latest post. Check it out!

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