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Good Job! I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Media Options and Andrew Rosener

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Each week I point out one person in this industry who is doing a great job.  Today’s “job well done” is going out to Andrew Rosener.  One of the nice things about working in this industry are the great people you cross paths with.  People that you enjoy their company regardless if you work together or not.  The kind of people I enjoy spending time with tend to always be the same.  Hard working, take good care of themselves, interesting, love life.  A bonus:  They help me make money. Andrew Rosener of Media Options fits this description to a T.

Andrew and I got to spend some time together this past week at Webfest Global and the more time I spend with him the more I like the guy.  I like the fact that he’s relatively new to this industry and already he’s at the top.  He probably sells as many or more high end names than anyone in the biz.  Maybe he’s not the top but he’s right there.  He’ll never be able to prove it because most of his sales aren’t public but those that work with him get to see the amazing names that come through.  And again, he hasn’t been selling names that long.  He’s busted his ass to get where he is.  Besides hard work, the other reasons he’s done so well are the following

1.  He pays quickly.  He pays as soon as he gets the money.  Usually he uses Escrow so he never even touches it.  I HATE waiting for money.  I’m not impatient, I just don’t like people like Latona who got paid and I didn’t see my money for weeks, even months.

2. He takes care of people that take care of him.  You know somebody that has a mid five, six figure name that is going to be sold?  Get the person over to Andrew and if the name sells you’ll get a piece.  This isn’t an affiliate program, its how business should be done.  You get him something he wasn’t or couldn’t get himself and he rewards.  I know this for a fact.  I helped him get a six figure sale and he was more than fair.

3.  He has tons of Chinese buyers.  Chinese buyers are paying primo money for good names.

4. He has corporate buyers.   We all know that to make the most money you have to have one time corporate buyers in the mix.  He somehow seems to find them.  I talk about working with people that have far reach.  Andrew has reach

5.  He knows quality names deserve some legwork.  You can’t just wait for buyers to respond to a newsletter or email. He has no problem calling up a company as if he is doing them a favor by letting them buy the name

6. He lives in Panama.   Great weather, great setting, relaxing atmosphere.  Comes across in his attitude.

7.  He shares information.  Obviously he has to hold some things tight to the chest but our conversations have always left me feeling I knew more about the value of domain names and how valuable the premier names are.

8.  He’s a family man.  He brings his wife to conferences and actually talks to her

I know this comes across like a ad for Andrew but you can’t pay for my respect. It has to be earned over hard work, a few laughs, and a couple drinks.  If you’re looking for someone that does a good job and will sell you high end name.  Check him out

Michael did a great interview with Andrew over at DomainSherpa if you want to learn more

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  2. Can’t argue, Andrew’s done great things and his enthusiasm’s a big contributor. We’ve all got to move to Panama to capture the “culture” 🙂

  3. Wow – thanks Shane! I really appreciate your friendship and business. Come visit in Panama, the water’s always warm!

  4. Shane, I’ve appreciated what an honest, integral person you are since we first connected years ago… I’m glad you see the qualities that make Andrew a shining star in this industry- and for this industry. I’m so glad to be working with him since I left Go Daddy- he’s magnetic!

    PS I think your tweets are the best!

  5. I can’t agree more with Shane, he is dead on with his endorsement, and congratulations to you Andrew for all your success. I also enjoy doing business with you..

    All the Best!


  6. I agree Shane. Andrew is a professional broker and, even though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him in person, he must be a great guy as well.

  7. I heard there was some manlove going on over here… and thought I’d have a looksee…

    Plus My spirit guide says there’s someone here that will be important in My Future…
    So I was compelled to swing by…

    ~Patricia Kaehler – Ohio USA – DomainBELL

  8. Andrew has been around the block and then some.

    Hes pragmatic and has a planned systematic formula for success.

    Birds of a feather flock together!

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

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