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Hand Register of the Day: Lemon Drop Melons

I came home from a business trip yesterday and reached into the bowl in the fridge that year round is the endless bottom bowl of fruit.   I was happy to see some melon in it and took out a small bowl.  As I took my first bite I realized this wasn’t a normal melon.  The taste started like melon but ended with the taste of a lemon drop.  Yeah, the candy lemon drop.  It was one of the craziest tastes I’ve ever had from a fruit.  I immediately called my wife to find out what in the heck was in the bowl.

She told me it was called a LemonDrop Melon.  Considering the taste, that is about as good of a name as they could have found.  It’s absolutely delicious and finishes clean and tart.  It would be perfect for putting a slice in a glass of water for a little lemon zest.  I think these things are here to stay and so I added yet another name to my “designer fruit” collection of domain names.  I registered and since there aren’t really any sites talking to much about these things I though I would set up a quick site this weekend for people to talk about it.  In the mean time I’m going to buy a few more of these while I can because they don’t seem to last long on the shelves of Sam’s and Meijers.

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8 Replies to “Hand Register of the Day: Lemon Drop Melons”

  1. Actually Shane you registered the singular version,

    One of your readers grabbed the plural earlier today.

  2. It was me! I’m the culprit.

    I figured you only wanted the singular as that’s all that you registered. But if you want the plural – it’s yours. Just email me and I’ll push to your GoDaddy account (maybe in exchange for a link via one of your old posts?? or not – either way is fine).


  3. Shane you always find these “designer” fruits. It sounds cool will look for it around here. Thanks for the info. Good luck with the name.

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