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I Saw The REAL Mater Today From Cars

If you have kids and maybe even if you don’t you’ve probably seen Pixar’s Cars and/or Cars 2.  While on my way to Columbus Ohio I was driving down the road and passed something that looked familiar.  I had to turn around to see if what I thought I saw was real. Sure enough there was Mater.  The ORIGINAL Mater, live and in full rust.  I could hear Larry the Cable Guy’s voice talking to me as I went up to take pictures.

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4 Replies to “I Saw The REAL Mater Today From Cars”

  1. If you watch the DVD they show the real
    Mater inspiration. Was this the same? I’ve seen it 4764 times but can’t recall Ohio being on route 66 where they found the inspiration

    1. Adam,

      Saw this one on route 70 and judging from the place it was parked, I’m pretty sure they didn’t buy the one that inspired 🙂

  2. Fun post Shane. We tried liking it but we’re getting an error message. Keep up the good work.

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