Let’s Change Things Up: I Will Pay $25 For The Worst Domain You Own

Apr 04 2012

I’m going to bail somebody out of a terrible domain purchase.  Every day I get domain name appraisal requests and the name absolutely suck.  I figure if those are the names that they think are great, I REALLY want to see the names they aren’t as proud of.  So here are the rules

Put one domain, ONE, that is the worst name you own.  It has to be more than one year old.  I will pick the worst five and have a vote.  The winner will get $25 and a undersized Chinese DomainShane sweatshirt.  The Domain will be crowned “Worst Domain Owned” and then I get to own it.    I’ll start things off.  I have to say I recently dropped most of my terrible names but I held on to

EEEEY.com for some crazy reason.   It gets 0 type ins, means nothing, and is a terrible brand.

And if you just want to showcase your worst domain and for some crazy reason don’t want to dump it, feel free to put it up anyway.

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  1. Troy

    Went through my list. Worst domain is probably Oppy.org. I bought it 4 years ago and have only kept it because I think I use the nameservers for hosting others. At least I did, perhaps I changed that now that I think about it.

  2. Puranjay

    To tell you the truth, the domain business continues to surprise me. Just the other day, ‘Notch’, creator of the stupendously popular Minecraft game, announced that he was going to create a new MMO. The domain for the game would be – *drumroll* – 0x10c.com!

    And I thought I’d seen everything in this business…

  3. Garry Epperson

    You would lose a lot of respect for me if I told you some of the shit I’ve owned.

  4. Tim

    Probably iqk.us or, if you want to keep the tld playing field even, ToKingdomCome.com – don’t ask what I was thinking because I don’t know. 🙂

  5. chriswoodward

    I would throw in getpaidtopoop.com, but I don’t want you to own it…because I’m going to use it

  6. Joe

    Last year, on .SO general availability day, I bought 2 keywords that in .com would be worth a ton of money but, in this extension, I don’t think .SO

    One of them is Resorts.SO – They’re so worthless that, if you buy it, I’ll give you the other one for free (I don’t want to mention it because only one domain per member may be posted).

  7. chriswoodward

    and dang, I knew I shouldn’t have let smallballsandshuttlecocks.com drop, would have been perfect for this.

  8. Mike H

    Now here’s a game that I can play!

    If you didn’t have the one year rule, I’m pretty sure I could win with NorthKoreaTours.info!

    Seeing as it needs to be at least 1 year old, I’ll submit one that I just renewed for a second time… pinebeetlewoodproducts.com

  9. Tim

    I forgot the 1-year rule! Ok, how about RightDotCom.com? It expires in a few days. I had WrongDotCom.com, too, but that just expired.

  10. Luke Summers

    I have a few that could be contenders, but my longest domain seems to be a pretty decent candidate:

    But don’t worry, I also got the ‘short’ version:

  11. Ms Domainer


    I don’t want to give it up (so I’m not in the running for the contest) because it is 4 characters, but I still think it’s pretty awful, and, in retrospect, I would probably not BIN it at GoDaddy:


    BTW, it’s because of you that I now own the domain in my link.


    Thanks for the tip!


  12. David

    I own ppmc-bms.com which I bought on DP only because it had been registered from before I was on the internet (1996). Did think maybe Pretty Powerful Moterbikes – BMS – but that really is stretching it.

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