Here are a Few of My Recent Domain Purchases

Feb 23 2012

I was hand registering a domain name last night and realized I hadn’t shared any of my recent domain purchases.  As I stated earlier I’m starting to concentrate on buying names for resale or plant and landscape names. I haven’t purchased any high priced names if only because I haven’t found a name and a price that fit my needs.  In the meantime here are a few names I’ve purchased recently.  I hand registered this for 10 years using the $2.95 a year special.  I sell and purchase 10-15K of these plants a year.  Bare root prices for this have doubled over the last year and I think I can sell $25K worth of liriope spicata a year online in the very near future. A fantastic purchase for me and couldn’t believe it was available.  (minus the dashed, google hider)  For the cheap price (I used the deal above) I thought it was a good price for a easy to say and spell cloud domain.  I was already offered $50 after talking about it the other day.  I never bash a profit but I’m going to wait and see for this one.  I’m not like most of the people I come across and believe this is worth anything more than the money I paid for it but it certainly could be some day.  If you have children, or at least children you care enough about to try and save money for college, you’ll be familiar with these plans.   Used to be a cloud type storage site but now a domain owned by me.  I like the name and most likely a buy and hold name.  I’ve talked about this one already.  There are a ton of people looking for the new perennials that are out.  I give 10 speeches a year about them.  Easy build out for me.   Again, may have talked about it. Hot new trend in gardening.  We sell a good amount of fairy garden products.  Bought this on a whim. I was buying reclaimed lumber for a floor I was doing in my house and came across this name.  Got it cheap and looks like it will pay for itself in parking.  Barely but a name that pays for its reg fee is an easy domain to hold.   I figure if Jake bought for a ton of money I would just buy aLandscaping for next to nothing and build it out and put it on page one.  Then I would take the profits and buy landscaping from him. I have the same keywords as he did at a fraction of the cost.  Again, may have talked about it but fits what I do perfectly.  Bought it for a marketing campaign I am going to run.  Going to be a fake society that my customers will get “kicked out” of when they become good gardeners. Free T-Shirts and other junk.

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  1. Spike


    I love! Great marketing idea. Never heard of Fairy Gardens. The owner of has a TM..just fyi. I still don’t get New is a winner. You know, you need to come out with an ebook on one of these plant domains. Easy develop, easy money.

  2. @Domains

    Should you also be registering for the search engines? Or is there a better word than ‘products’ to tack on the end?

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